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Welcome to the Bike

We know and understand the hassle it is getting your bike to the repair shop for a service, never has been fun has it?  So why not have the repair shop come directly to you? Why waste your precious time, petrol and stress yourself out by lugging your bike (or your husband’s/kids/boyfriends) to the bike shop only to be told they are too busy to do it until next week!

We at the Bike Fixer bring the expertise of a bike shop to your door with our mobile bike repair vans, giving you the convenience of having your bike fixed at home, the office or even at your local train station on your way to work. We love all bikes whether it’s designed to be used on the Roads, Mountains, Commuting, Racing or just to poodle down to the shops, we can repair, maintain or upgrade at a time and place to suit you. See our repairs and servicing menu for further details or call us on 0845 6436 750.

Our Mission is simple:- To keep you as a loyal customer, provide you with a safe ride and increase your cycling enjoyment.
The Bike Fixer is proud to be supporting the Dallaglio cycleslam and the Great British Bike Ride by providing one of our top mechanics. For more details see our  daily blog or click below.